Mô hình Lego cho Starcraft 2


As millions of Starcraft fanatics awaits the second coming of Blizzard Game company’s Starcraft 2. Matt “Papa Quin” de Lanoy kills time by recreating Starcraft 2 using Lego Bricks. The Starcaft Lego were skillfully and intrically made. Now if he’ll recreate the entire Starcraft 2 terrain maps, just maybe the Starcraft 2 game will hit the storeshelves by the time he’s finished. I’m certainly looking forward to the Starcraft 2.


Is there anything that doesn’t have an awesome LEGO version? Yes there is: my face. Fortunately Terran LEGO Master Pepa Quin isn’t into ugly faces. He used his amazing brick-snapping skills to create units from Blizzard’s upcoming RTS Starcraft II, like these shiny-headed Terran Marines:While the Marines need no introduction to anyone who’s played SC, the rest of the units that Pepa Quin copied are new to the game, which makes his creations even more awesome. Here’s his take on the Hellion, a Terran ground vehicle that attacks using a flamethrower:I guess the Firebat is no more. Here’s yet another Terran unit, the Banshee, a powerful air-to-ground attack aircraft:How. Awesome. Is. That. Seriously. Look at the in-game unit and you’ll realize how accurate this is. But my favorite has to be Pepa Quin’s version of the Immortal, another new unit, this time from the sleek and spiritual Protoss. Immortals are great against heavy ground vehicles like the Crucio Siege Tank, but they’re easy pickings for small & fast-moving units like Zerglings or the new Terran Reapers.Although the in-game Immortal packs bigger guns than the ones we see here, the… Protoss-ness…Protossity… the essence of the Protoss is here. One look at this thing and I immediately thought: “Protoss!” Then, “Starcraft!” Then “Pants are wet now.”To Blizzard: Lego Starcraft. Think about it. To Pepa Quin: Please make a C-C-C-Carrier arrive. That or a Thor. And have your hands insured. To everyone else: check out Quin’s Flickr page for more delicious pics.

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